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Manage Waste to Save The Environment. One Trash Heap at a Time!

We at EcoRich believe in seizing the advantages of recycling food waste at its source. On-site composting not only saves money, but provides the user with a nutrient-rich soil amendment that can be used on a garden, sold, or simply given way to the public. In a society that is rapidly becoming more environmentally conscious, businesses can greatly benefit from a “greener image”. Our goal is to make this transition as fast and easy as possible for commercial kitchens across the United States.

My name is Manish Desai, and I am the founder of EcoRich. I created this company with the realization that the United States is truly lagging behind in its organic waste management operations. The US is still harboring a regressive “out of sight, out of mind” mentality when it comes to food waste disposal. Yet with what science now tells us about methane gas emissions and harmful greenhouse gas effects, it is time for us to smarten up.

Our line of automatic composters use special bacteria in a controlled environment to break down food waste, thus transforming it into compost in just 24 hours. The biggest machine we have installed is capable of recycling five tons per day. With 150 machines installed and operating in 6 different countries, EcoRich is happy to introduce this very user friendly organic waste recycling machine to the US market.

How our Composters Work

All organic discards contain carbon in an aerobic environment. Our in-vessel composting process takes advantage of this.

Fill the vessels with wet or kitchen waste (such as meat, small bones, peels etc). The result is nutrient rich organic compost that can be used as fertilizer. Our all-in-one accelerated solutions offer maximum benefits. They require little to no manual intervention which eliminates labor costs and the need to transfer waste in large trucks. All of this is possible within 24 hours straight from the source.

The compost you get from our in-vessel composters :

Emit zero odor

Do not attract flies

Kill parasites and pathogens

Reduce waste and improve its management

The accelerated composting process is possible even in limited space. You won’t have to supervise it much either. Our vessels are designed for maximum convenience with minimum intervention. Plus, once the machine is paid off, that will be the end of your payments.


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