Leaf Composter

Grow it, don’t throw it – Compost garden waste in EcoRich’s Attractive Leaf Composter

The Ecorich Leaf composter is a perfect, easy-to-use solution to convert leaves into compost and add nutrients to your garden.

Leaf Composters are a great place to begin composting, because they don't need much maintenance. Just add fallen leaves and other yard waste and garden litter and water frequently. The design of the product allows for easy harvesting. With our Leaf Composter you will see how easy it is to turn fallen leaves and garden trimmings back into life through composting.

Step 1 – Segregate your waste

You cannot compost properly if you don’t segregate your waste. If necessary sift your garden waste for diseased plants and plastic, and you can add plant cuttings to the pile as well.

Step 2 – Add Garden Waste

Don't forget about garden trimmings and weeds – composting is not just for fallen leaves.

Step 3 – Maintain and Repeat

Keep adding to the composter until it's full – compress down if necessary. Add compost starter once a week and water it every day.

Step 4 – Check Compost and Remove

The compost should be ready in about 8-10 months. You can take out leaf mulch in about 5 months as well. Our steel mesh leaf composter is fitted with a small door at the bottom for easy access. Open it to see if the leaf mulch is ready.

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