Remix Powder

Accelerate the composting process with EcoRich’s Remix Powder

Even Mother Nature needs help sometimes. Accelerate the composting process in your composters with EcoRich’s Remix Powder. A single 3kg pack can last well over 3 to 4 weeks depending on use.

The powder is made to encourage fungus growth in wet waste. The microbes present in it work to decompose kitchen waste optimally and as quickly as possible. No waste should be visible. The microbes in this powder break down solid waste into powder form.

There is no need to stir the mixture daily. This composting accelerator is an all-natural cocopeat based powder. All you need to do is layer it on top of your wet waste each day for foolproof composting. Take 3 to 4 handfuls of Remix Powder and layer it in the middle of each pile.

Zero odor and Pests

Odor attracts pests and our Remix Powder will prevent that. Since the waste is laced with it, the smell from the decomposing waste is smothered before it leaks. This keeps fruit flies and other pests at bay.

Added too much water? The powder soaks up extra liquid and creates gaps for air circulation. These 2 factors result in optimal decomposition for fast compost. Add neem and microbes once a week if you wish to make the powder last longer. You can always order from our website once you run out.

EcoRich’s composting solutions are designed for maximum benefit. Each unit comes with a bag of Remix Powder to be used on wet waste. Recycle kitchen waste responsibly without the mess and empty our landfills at the same time.

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