Remix Powder

Accelerate the composting process with EcoRich’s Remix Powder

Even Mother Nature needs help sometimes. Accelerate the composting process in your composters with EcoRich’s Remix Powder. A single 3kg pack can last well over 3 to 4 weeks depending on use. This composting accelerator is an all-natural cocopeat based powder and is made to encourage fungus growth in wet waste. The microbes work to decompose kitchen waste as quickly as possible, and breaks down solid waste into a powdery form.

Zero odor and Pests

Remix Powder is designed to accelerate the decomposition of waste while mitigating odor and excess moisture. By adding remix powder periodically to the top of the waste, or layering it in before adding excessively moist waste, the powder soaks up extra liquid and creates gaps for air circulation which also keeps the odor (and pests) at bay.

EcoRich’s composting solutions are designed for optimal use and production. Each unit comes with a bag of Remix Powder to be used on wet waste and to accelerate the composting process.

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