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Recycle Waste Without the Odor in EcoRich’s Sturdy Terracotta Composters

Whether you are living in an apartment or a house, you can manage your waste without taking up much space. Introducing EcoRich’s terracotta composters designed specifically for home owners.

Our residential composters boast a modular design for easy waste loading. Fit it in the corner out of sight or in any tight space till the compost is ready. Just dump in your kitchen waste, add the Remix powder and that’s it.

No need to stir daily. Just let nature take its course and see the last of your waste. Our terracotta composters seal in odor so as not to attract pests such as rodents.

Become a recycling master with EcoRich

The Earth is becoming a wasteland. In the US alone, about 34 million tons of food are delivered to landfills each year. Besides that, when waste is not separated, it:

Conscientious Recycler

Overflowing dustbins are a breeding ground for diseases. Using our terracotta composters, you can become a conscientious recycler. Layer the waste with the provided Remix powder every day to keep pests and odor at bay.

In a matter of time

Get compost a couple of weeks later. Each unit comes with breathers that regulate air flow and moisture. The material is fired clay which is known for its durability and superior insulation. In other words, it provides your waste the perfect environment to breakdown completely.

Easily Replacable

Our terracotta composters are made of multiple parts which can be replaced easily. That is much better than buying a whole new unit just because one part is damaged.

Clear instructions

We do more than sell composters – we take your experience seriously too. That’s why each composter comes with instructions. All units are checked for quality before they are delivered to your doorstep.

Best out of waste

Terracotta composters are the answer to your overflowing kitchen waste. Turn that garbage into a byproduct that can revitalize your lawn and plants

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