The Earth is becoming a wasteland.

20% of methane gas emissions are produced by food waste decaying in landfills. But there is a solution.

Composting stops food waste from ever reaching these harmful masses of waste.

Using EcoRich’s 24-hour composter, the average restaurant can reduce their waste output by approximate 63%

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Introducing the All-In-One, 24-Hour Automated Composting Solution

Ecorich LLC specializes in providing at-source composting solutions for food/organic waste. Our innovative technology reduces time, labor and cost in the composting and organic waste removal process. We help convert waste into value, and regenerate the cycle of life instead decaying in harmful landfills.

Our automated composter comes in 20 – 2500 lbs a day, standard sizes, as well as custom capacity sized units, based on your needs and infrastructure. It's the perfect solution for restaurants, cafes, grocers, hospitals, hotels, cafeterias, food manufacturers, residential buildings and anyone providing catering and hospitality.

Ecorich also offers stylish, innovative, easy-to-use residential composting solutions for the eco conscious and home gardener.


  • Reduces waste and cost
  • Limits odors and pest issues
  • Provides an independent composting solution – no need for a municipality program
  • Turns waste into savings
  • Mitigates green house gases and other harmful landfill affects

Our Prducts

Ecorich composters provide an easy, automated, cost-savings solution for all composting needs. The on-site solutions work to reduce the user’s carbon footprint not only by reducing or removing landfill waste, but also limiting transportation and related costs. We understand the need for composting increases each and every day, and society can no longer afford to say “out of sight, out of mind” with our food and organic waste. We help bridge the gap between environmentalists and businessmen, and aspire to live in a world where both the earth and its population profit from one another.

Experience the financial and environmental benefits of responsible organic waste management now!

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