The Earth is becoming a wasteland.

20% of methane gas emissions are produced by food waste decaying in landfills. But there is a solution.

Composting stops food waste from ever reaching these harmful masses of waste.

Using EcoRich’s 24-hour composter, the average restaurant can reduce their waste output by approximate 63%

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Manage(organic) Waste the Smart Way with All-in-ne Composting Solution

Ecorich LLC. Is a new age waste management company located in New Jersey. We provide effective and unique solutions for organic waste disposal. Using cutting edge technology, EcoRich aims to take the excessive time and labor associated with composting out of the equation. We encouraging people to recognize that their waste has value, and that it can be used to restart the cycle of life instead decaying in harmful landfills.

At EcoRich we specialized in source organic waste recycle. We have different sizes of 24-hour automatic composter for Business and uniquely designed line of home composters. Perfect for businesses and institutions such as hospitals, food manufacturers, restaurants and others providing catering and hospitality, our products are easy to install on site and doesn’t release any harmful emissions or odours during the process.

Benefits of on Site Composting

  • No odor or pest problem
  • Control volume of waste and cost
  • To go green, you don't have to wait for the town to start the program
  • Chance to make money out of waste
  • Become a part of circular economy


Our composters provide users with an easy way to manage their waste effectively and efficiently. Our on-site composting solutions work to reduce the user’s carbon footprint, seeing as it reduces the frequency at which large trucks must transport waste. That also results in reduced carbon footprint. In our current system, harmful methane gases are emitted from decaying food waste in landfills, thus polluting the air we breathe. The need for composting increases with each passing day, which is why we can no longer afford to say “out of sight, out of mind” with our food waste.

Our Prducts

EcoRich Inc. markets revolutionary products created to bridge the gap between environmentalists and businessmen. We want to live in a world where both the earth and its inhabitants profit from one another. We started EcoRich with at source composting in mind. Our products for home and business are most user friendly and requires very little effort to achieve your goals. Commercial composters come in a range of 20 lb per day to 2500 lb per day. We offer customized plans for buildings, malls, or supermarkets. We also provide crusher, shredder and dewater to be used with composter.

It is time that we realized the benefits of waste management. With EcoRich composting solutions, you can start today. Contact us for more information about our residential and commercial composters.

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