Commercial Kitchen Composting

24-Hour Fully Automated Composting Technology

Our aerobic composters can help you manage your waste and turn it into nutrient-rich compost. The accelerated composting process is possible even in limited space. You won’t have to supervise it much either. Our vessels are designed for maximum convenience with minimum intervention. Plus, once the machine is paid off, that will be the end of your payments.

Why choose EcoRich?

  • Purchase and leasing options
  • Rental option for models up to 150 pounds per day
  • Compost pick-up services in the Tristate area
  • An automatic loader for machines above 500 pounds per day
  • Built-in crusher available for establishments that intend on composting entire fruits and larger bones
  • Custom solutions for apartment buildings, malls and super markets
  • A supply of paper bags to hold compost for sale or free distribution


  • Volume of food waste reduced by 90% within a single 24-hour cycle
  • A large chamber that only needs to be emptied every 8-10 days
  • A fully automated process free of any noise, odor, or pest issues
  • A variable frequency drive (VFD) to reduce electrical consumption by 15%
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor spaces
  • State of the art safety features
  • A touch-screen panel for ease of operation
  • Compost has the potential to be resold as a pure soil amendment

Benefits of final product Compost

  • Compost is perfect for landscaping and gardening
  • Compost has the potential to be resold as a pure soil amendment
  • Returns nutrient to the soil
  • Improves water retention within the soil
  • Maintains the health of plants by suppressing diseases
  • Decreases the amount of waste being sent to landfills

The EcoRich Elite II Composter is beneficial for:


Super Markets

Hotels & Resorts

Company Cafeterias

Restaurants & Cafes

Apartments & Buildings

Schools & College Cafeterias

Produce Markets & Green Farms

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Operation and Benefits

Useful for Business Owners

The EcoRich Elite II Composter was designed with one aim in mind – to help business owners reduce and reuse wet waste responsibly. 60 % of total waste is organic waste at any commercial kitchen. Our commercial composting solution can help you do that and stop wasting money on centralized waste disposal services and get nutrient-rich compost in return.

Reduces Wet Waste

As an in-vessel composting solution, the machine pays for itself. Using an accelerated composting process, our commercial composter reduces wet waste by 75 - 90%. All of that within 24 hours!

No labor costs

Our commercial composter is intelligent which means that it is completely automatic. The machine works with aid from in-built sensors so it requires little to no human contact.

Saves Energy

Machine has multiple sensors which helps to monitor and shut down process which not required at that time. In process it saves energy.The power-saving mode shuts down the unit automatically when the compost is ready.

Zero waste

The nutrient-rich compost is the result of a day long composting environment that results in zero waste. The only byproduct is harmless water vapor that is drained through the connected sewerage line.

Waste to Compost in 24 Hours

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